Midnight Murder

Midnight Murder

The Oberois had gathered to celebrate Sameer’s promotion. Sameer had invited a few colleagues too. While Sameer and Anjali, his wife, were checking the dinner arrangements, his assistant, Anita walked up to him.

“You look irresistible,” she whispered in his ear, a smile found its way to Sameer’s face.

“What’s the matter honey?” enquired Anjali. What did she whisper in your ear?”

“Nothing,” he nervously replied. “She just said congratulations.”

“Ok, let’s start the dinner, shall we?”

Though Anjali wasn’t a simpleton, she preferred not to spoil the party.

Just before they could start the dinner, Sameer noticed an envelope under the plates. He read the letter inside and was furious.

“Who kept this here?” he yelled furiously. “Is this the time to play a prank?”

“Calm down honey,” said Anjali. “What’s the matter?”

“The printed letter in the envelope reads, ‘One of you will die before 12. If you call the police, all of you will die.”

“It’s just a prank, let’s carry on with our dinner,” said Anjali.

But nervousness amongst the guests grew. There was divided opinion about calling the police. Discussion transformed into a heated argument.

“Forget it, I’m leaving,” said one of the guests. To their horror, the door was locked from outside. The room was engulfed in silence as everyone nervously stared at the clock ticking away.

Just before 12, Sameer got up and said, “I need to use the washroom.”

“I need to use the washroom too,” said Anita.

“You can use the common washroom Anita,” said Anjali. 

While they were both in the washrooms, Anjali went to the bedroom. A couple of minutes later, the guests were shocked to hear a shrill cry. They rushed to the bedroom to see a dagger pierced in Anjali’s abdomen and Sameer and Anita standing beside her. Fear gripped the guests as they saw blood oozing out of her body.

“My daughter always had her doubts about you two,” said Anjali’s father. “I’m calling the cops. I’m sure you both have conspired to kill her.”

In no time the cops arrived, accompanied by an ambulance. They broke open the door. Anjali was immediately rushed to the hospital. Sameer and Anita were taken into custody, though they both pleaded innocence. The cops recorded the statement of all the guests and let them go after which they sealed the house. Sameer and Anita spent the next few days in police custody where they were thoroughly interrogated. Then, a senior inspector visited the hospital.

“How is Anjali?” he asked the doctor.

“She’s fine. The dagger missed all the vital organs. She’ll be just fine.”

“She’s lucky!”

“I think she made her own luck,” said the doctor.

“What do you mean?”

“I have checked her files. She’s a qualified doctor and has a history of suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Can you be sure she didn’t stab herself to exact revenge? After all, she knew about her husband’s affair!”

The doctor left, leaving the inspector scratching his head.

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