Allow not idle fears get at you. I was told.
Be reasonable, it can’t reach you.
Can it  happen just like that, Of course not.
Don’t let your suspicions play with you
Exterminate doubts and qualms
Fretting and nursing gratutious assumptions
Give up these ridiculous thoughts
Hale and hearty you look
Ignore the signs and they will pass

Jestful, their hearty laugh reverberates
Kissing off my hesitations 
Leaving things to fate and God
Most of the time it is old, poor people, they said
Not young and healthy like you
Out of nowhere and no history?
People must have it in the family.

Quite happily I accept
Relieved I am and want to believe
Soothing, ungrounded reassurances
Tethered I keep them to my heart 

Undoubtedly these are mere words,
Value your life and acknowledge the need for help
Waste not time in denying the indications
Xen venom, otherwise reaches beyond repair 
Yesterday’s follies make not so big to grieve at
Zap it before cancer spread its fangs….
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