“Here, you go sir; these are the keys of your room. Have a pleasant stay and for any assistance, dial the reception” smilingly said the receptionist.

“Thank you so much” replied Girish. “Where is your luggage sir? Shall I ask the boy to accompany you to your room” asked the receptionist, 

“No, I travel with only one bag always – light baggage and more fun” replied Girish with tongue in cheeks. This was a taunt at the next guest which had arrived at the reception. They were 4 members with over 8 huge suitcases. “Hello, you geek, better mind your own business” fumed Manisha, grossly disturbed by joke of Girish. The scene at the reception became tense.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Girish silently walked towards the stairs. Manisha and her family accompanied by the room-boy took the lift. 

When the boy directed them to their room, they were surprised to see Girish playing mischief at their door. Assuming another prank was on the cards, Manisha took off from where she left, “What are you doing now in front of our room? Planting a bomb” She went berserk.

“Don’t you have manners, is this the way you talk to outsiders?” responded Girish angrily. The tension mounted and room boy was perplexed too, but he maintained his calm and asked Girish very politely “What is the problem, sir?”

Girish lost his cool and shouted, “The door card is not working, and I’m unable to open the door”

The boy looked at the keys and politely said to Girish “This is Room no.6 and you have been allotted Room No. 9”. Girish understood his mistake and without lifting his head moved towards his room.

Nine out of Ten times, it would have happened with you too!!!


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