Molly the Star

Molly the Star

The night sky was a dark blank sheet. Molly, the mole, from the grassy knoll propped up her head, waiting for her favourite stars to appear. She sat blankly, admiring the beauty of the universe, spread across the expanse of the sky. 

Day and night, she thought of ways of how she could once touch these celestial bodies. Hold them in her paws, without the claws poking them.  There went a shooting star, and the sight played piano in the cockles of her heart.

“Wow! How magical these silvery, shining balls would look in my palms! I will show it to Blurrpy, Shery and Jacky.” The glint in her eyes, shone like a star with these dreamy visions.

“Molly, your burnt spider soup and compost worm spaghetti, has rotten awaiting your indulgence. Get back to your meal, RIGHT AWAY!” Mothers even if underground, never ceased to lose their terror. If Narendra Modi, too had to rush to attend his mother’s call, who was Molly to disobey this unearthly command. 

Next dusk, as the skies rolled out the carpet for its stars, Molly gathered, Blurrpy, Shery and Jacky, under the sal tree. She was determined that together they would achieve the impossible.

“Blurrpy, you clamber up this tree. Shery, you crawl up that hillock. Jacky and I will try to grab hold of the cloud from top of the hillock and float towards the stars.” Molly pounded instructions into their thumb- sized brains.  The battalion marched to their assigned locations. The final stunt, performed by Jacky and Molly, to jump up high and grab the tail of a fluffy cloud, was being monitored by others from their guarded positions.

After a long wait, a lone cloud was seen traversing the star lit sky.

“JUMP JACKY, JUMP!” A cry billowed from Molly’s confines and she held Jacky’s hand to jump high…Alas! Only to fall miserably down the hill. Back home, “If the fall wouldn’t have broken your paw, I would have definitely!” One could be saved from the wrath of nature but not from the scolding of a mother. This was Molly’s mother’s way of showing affection.

In school, the concave, convex glasses brought no excitement to the plain, boring physics class. With no option of drilling a hole and going underground, she listened half-heartedly.

“VOILA! There lies my Eureka moment!” she always found the greener pastures to dig out ideas. As the entire rodent community went to sleep, she placed a piece of concave mirror covering the mouths of their open homes. Scurrying up the knoll, she announced, 

“My dear brothers and sisters,” inspired by Modi, she continued, “Open your eyes to take a look at what stands at your doorstep. Touch the mirror and feel the star.”

The mole babies, with sleepy eyes, marvelled at the miracle. While on the knoll, Molly’s mother whacked her dusty bums, for using the twig meant to trap spiders, as mike!

Moral: Aim for the stars, even if you have come from the dust. 


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