Moments of Contemplation

Moments of Contemplation

To watch distant boats bobbing up and down
Colourful blobs on waves, vanishing
In mist swirling up to the sky glowing bright
Like cerulean wings of a dragonfly

To relish the flight of wild geese at dawn
For Southern pastures lush green and warm
I chew a twig from a haystack and watch
How corn cobs sway in the breeze like golden swathes

I bid Adieu to the evening as dark tiptoes
Lie down on the grass under argent moonlight
And drink the glory of the night
Intoxicated by each swig I rest

I smile at the shimmering fireflies
And wave at butterflies perched on daisies
And contemplate what is life after all
If not these leisurely moments smal
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One thought on “Moments of Contemplation

  1. I loved this poem. Very evocative and shows how small everyday moments spent in midst of Nature can provide the greatest of joys. Very lovely poem.

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