Monsoon Melody

Monsoon Melody

Thick billowing clouds, dancing in the skies,
Sometimes racing and sometimes waltzing, what a lovely sight

There is a sudden change in the feel of the winds flowing
Trees swaying delicately leaves whispering to each other, glowing

Birds cooing, calling, chirping and tweeting
Nature itself, in a very happy mood of rejoicing…

And …when the water does start trickling all over
Feels like just lifting your face and letting the caress linger

Then follows the drizzle …and what a feeling that is…
Tingling, Refreshing and a Heavenly tease

But… after that delightful drench, getting home is a strain
In your soggy, sticky clothes, cleaning and changing, such a pain.

The silver lining is that, at least when rains do come
There is some hope of respite from the sizzling Sun.
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