Moonlit Dreams Unveiled

Moonlit Dreams Unveiled

Dreams pique in moonlit glow,
Stars dance with shadows deep,
Gaze upon dark night’s space,
Winds whisper, hearts they track, 
Speaks to heart, a sweet place. 

Dreams pique in moonlit glow, 
Minds at rest, dreams ascend,
Head far to lands unseen, 
Chase life’s dream, grand vision, 
Life’s quest, a morning’s sheen.

Dreams pique in moonlit glow, 
Golden glow, as tides surge, 
Warmth calls you, like home, near,
Hard realms, dispel your fright,
Love’s like a path, so clear. 

Dreams pique in moonlit glow,
Like a hug, where winds gust,
Time, like a horse, may stall,
Love’s like a beggar’s plea,
Heart’s like an endless hall.
Note: This poem is a reminder that dreams can be a guiding force, a connection to a deeper part of ourselves, that might otherwise be lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
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