Mother Nature has Stirred

Mother Nature has Stirred

The humans have retreated,
Its time for her to rise,
To repaint her canvas with
Green grass and magenta skies.

Abused her enough, they have
Now they will incur her wrath,
Her revenge she will seek,
Lead them along a wild path.

She will boom out commands,
The elements bound to follow,
She will breed stormy seas,
Their ships she will swallow.

Floods, famine, quakes
Stop at nothing, she will,
She will teach them a lesson,
Until their apologies, they spill

What did they do, you ask?

They cut down her trees,
Her rivers went black,
The bird songs were silenced,
Her animals were attacked

So she sent out a being
Minute but fatal,
And now those ruthless humans,
Are subject to bloodshed battles

She had given them a chance,
For them to thrive with her,
But she was betrayed by those,
She called her sons and daughters.

Her green coat was reduced
To patches of wilted flowers,
And buildings with fancy lights,
Replaced shimmering stars.

Now she has taken over,
To take back what she had given,
To get back the treasures,
Humans had stolen.

She has come back to seek revenge,
Nothing you do can stop her,
Because at last,
Mother Nature has stirred…
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