Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Nature speaks
As though, in silence
The rich turquoise water
Falls with a roaring pour
Slowing my racing thoughts
The ferns beckon me
To sit in their lush foliage
My frayed nerves become calm
The crisp, salty air
Caresses my cheek softly
Tantalizing my nose to breathe deeply
Slightly afar
Small little yellow flowers nod their head
Happiness surges into my pores
Uplifts my weary soul
I surrender to the warm Earth
It kisses my soul
Embraces me warmly
Tranquility descends on me
Like a warm shrug
On my shoulders
On a cold, winter night
I look upon this masterpiece of Nature
Nothing is perfect
Yet, everything is perfect
The ferns, the waterfall, the trees
All are alive and breathing
Everything is in order of the cosmos
I am at peace
Call me a spirit or a pure energy
Four years have passed
It is here
That my family came for a picnic
Here, I jumped to save my son 
From the treacherous waters.
Four years, in Mother Nature’s lap
As a child sleeps
Blissfully, full of innocence
Believing that Mother Nature will never betray
The heart that loves her.


Rachna Karara
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