Mother Of Mine

Mother Of Mine

She nurtures nascent bud to life,
She may not be an armoured knight,
She guards her child in every plight,
She endures every pain and strife.

A world in herself,
A teacher, a friend and a critique at times,
Chiseling one through virtue,
With love and her irreplaceable warmth,
She engraves her inedible mark,
Illumining a definite spark!

She endures the mountains with might,
Being a mother, daughter, wife,
Seldom arbiter when in rife,
Her love like deep ocean shines bright,

The brightest star illumining the night sky,
The benevolent tree rendering it’s fruits for all,
Untainted, flowing , steady like a river to its confluence,
Like mother earth she nourishes life,
Unravelling a trove of joys within,
Her embrace evanesces grief small or big,

She is a human, not divine,
Indubitably, she is mother of mine!
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