Mother to be

Mother to be

 The phone in her hand vibrates ..shaking her out of her thoughts.Her son lay in the hospital bed  waiting for the second chemo “hello ma’am it is your check  up at the clinic .could you come at 10.30 am  tomorrow’ said the receptionist at the clinic “ I will be there” said Purvi

It was only eight  months ago,   it was a normal morning Purvi was packing lunch for her son Rohan and hubby,Rohan woke up with  a chill and  fever, he looked very pale and weak.Purvi shoos her husband Karthik to  the shop“ nothing to worry I will take him to Doctor” but it was not to be.After recurring fevers and chills  and a battery of tests Dr Shrinath  diagnosis spells the end of the world for Purvi Rohan had leukemia!The Doctor wanted to discuss the course of the treatment and of course the cost  was  Karthik’s shop was suffering losses, overdue on installment of  their flat and  sundry loans, he was at the end of the tether .Purvi wasn’t ready for this onslaught, but she had to deal with it herself

She rang up Disha fertility clinic and signed up for surrogacy, After umpteen tests she was declared fit She received  ample money for surrogacy.Purvi was relieved.She was chosen to be a surrogate mother for  an anonymous couple

Purvi sat in  the clinic waiting for her checkup, caressing her  belly thanking the unborn for solving her problem. Suddenlly her eyes moisten”My child, if I can call you so ,will be with  me for a few more months then you  will be taken away  from me. Wasn’t it what I had agreed upon!.your  tugs and pushes make my heart melt”Purvi steels herself for the inevitable. The nurse nudges *your appointment Ma’am”She picks herslf up, her heavy body hampering her movements. Dr Apurva examines  Purvi ,smiles at her ,”you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy, you have to be very careful Salt to be minimum as there’s swelling in your feet.” “ yes doc I will be careful” said Purvi..She looked at   Dr Apurva with many questions in her eyes but not enough courage” will I be allowed to hold the baby?  Can I kiss the  baby and feed it?”.Her thoughts flit from her son in his bed  to the one in her womb.but why I cannot give up  my son but ready  let this one go. I may be a surrogate mother buy none can deny  I  am the Mother” all these thoughts remain unsaid.

Purvi comes back to her son, relieved chemo is over but Rohan seems weak.Purvi goes and speaks to the doctor.The doctor report is optimistic”we have found a   bone marrow match!”Purvi is overjoyed  her joy knows no bounds. but a  dark cloud passes over her thoughts.
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  1. This is truly heartwarming. The story pushes us to imagine the limits of a mother’s sacrifice.

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