I looked around. The pitch-black surrounding had scared me. A howling wind storm. I had rushed to shut the windows. It was as if someone had twisted my house in the opposite direction. My eyes were blinded. I had held onto the floor lamp for my life. My house was like a gigantic flying spaceship. I was on my journey back home, which was not earth, not even this galaxy. I looked out. The sky was a bed of thousands of twinkling stars, in all colors in the vast distance of this universe — only it was upside down. I could bend and pick up the stars.

I can reach the stars now; I can walk on the sky. 

But as beautiful as the night was, I knew the morning would be different. The planet’s hemispheres had flipped — upside down.

Where’s my jacket? Cold frigid air was pumping into my nostrils. I had never felt air so pure. 

I can’t handle so much oxygen, my lungs are inflating like balloons inside my chest. 

Just then, a glistening hand had stretched out to me. Electricity sparked through the fingers. 

Wait, I recognize her! Mother! Where were you!? 

I looked out and saw the large glowing sphere rise slowly into the dull morning sky, casting sunbeams in every direction, illuminating the small town. The color of the rising sun had grown more vivid. 

The Sun is rising in the west! 

I was frightened and happy — both. I crouched down. Mom had touched the top of my head and said, “I am here!!” I had followed her outside. The new rotation of earth had changed everything. Earth looked greener than before. Hey, there’s more oxygen for all of us.

Mom had white wings on her back. She held my fingers and we flew high up. I looked down. The deserts have retreated from Africa and Eurasia. The golden landscape in Brazil tempted me for quad biking. The Pacific current had pushed a lot of cold water towards Europe. Russia had warmed up a lot and had taken a break from being the coldest country. In the ocean, Cyanobacteria has dominated over Phytoplanktons. No wonder the environment feels full of fresh air!!.

I was happy to be with my mother and thanked the sun for rising in the west. 

What if tomorrow the sun doesn’t rise in the west? I will lose my mother again. 

Alas, the dream was over. I crouched down. Mom slowly slipped her fingers off of my fingers and vanished. The white wings fell on the ground like a heap of snow. I held my head in my hands and wept. Mom had left and so did the strong wind and glittering stars underneath my feet. The weather was calm and serene. I opened the window. The Sun has risen with all it’s might in the east.

Oh! One year has passed; without mom my world is really upside down. Why did she die? I sighed.


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2 thoughts on “Mother

  1. Beautiful! The reader feels for the protagonist, a good sign for the story. I so wanted to reach the end, another good sign.

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