Musings Under the Night Sky

Musings Under the Night Sky

As I lie on the ground,
Beneath the moonlit sky,
Cool winds blow on my face gently,
Darkness settles everywhere.
Every single cell of mine
Feels rejuvenated,
Gazing at the stars above.
How would it be, to be so high up,
I wonder, as thoughts arise in my mind.
Just being in the lap of nature,
Kissed by the cool white moonbeams,
Lost in the mystery of the dark,
Makes time come to a standstill.
Nothing can change this feeling 
Of being in a paradise-
Pristine moments under the firmament,
Quiet whispers of the trees,
Restore my inner peace and tranquility.
Simplicity at its best-
This is what nature is all about,
Uplifting my spirits,
Vivifying all beings.
Wildflowers around, sprayed with
Xanthic hues, give a mystic feeling I always
Yearn for, every day, every night,
Zentangled in a heaven on earth.
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