My Angel

My Angel

Every day she went by,
A wispy child of eight,
Oh! How she hopped and skipped,
On the way to her school.
A merry girl she was,
In her blue uniform.

She swung her bag around,
Oh! It was then she danced,
Chasing a butterfly,
Flitting down the meadows,
Oft whispering gently,
“Do come, sit with me please!”

The dandelion smiled,
Upon hearing her laugh,
And let go of her seeds,
They flew whoosh! through the air,
Clinging to her gently,
Like hugs or soft kisses.

At times she was joyful, 
At others full of play,
She was but sweet and soft,
To the dog on the street,
Plying him with biscuits,
A bone on a dry day.

It added such color,
To my drab day and life,
I only looked forward,
To these small escapades.
They were a reminder,
Sometimes to pause or stop.

And suddenly like that,
Time found its wings to fly.
Before I realized,
My cute angel was gone!
Leaving just memories,
And a heart full of love.
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