My Best Teacher

My Best Teacher

A Teacher always fetches a special place in a student’s heart ,
So does my English teacher ,
Besides teaching phonetics ,reading and writing skills ,
She pondered more on life and emotional skills .
Often preached that life is a playground and never leave it despite of losing the game umpteen times,
Loved the way she taught ,
Her ascent and style used to be rehearsed daily at home ,
I still remember she always quoted 
” Grammar  is never taught it is always caught”.   
Hats off to her teaching methodology 
Subject which I detested the most ,
Now I serve the nation as an English teacher ,
Each word of hers and her trust that I m unique 
gleamed like sunbeam that  created rainbow in my life,
Her guidance, appreciation and motivation metamorphosed me from demure girl to an ebullient one 
And strengthened me to handle all the challenges of life with aplomb.          

She will reside in my heart forever and ever till my last breath.
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