My City

My City

Surrounded by pristine verdant woods,
Lay my city that human ethics understood,
Friendly neighbours a calm air imparted,
Honest  labour was accepted and regarded,
Riches hadn’t spoiled the innocent souls,
Egoistic and cruel pursuits weren’t on roll.

~But the times change so did my land~

Somehow greed penetrated inmates’ hearts,
Thriving woods became things of past,
Trees were felled for mankind’s selfish gains, 
Birds or beasts lost their habitat, perished in pain,
All monstrous deeds have disastrous consequences,
Even perpetrator had to face similar circumstances.

~My happy place soon turned into a  barren land~

My city has converted to a place of agony.
Time shows a huge chasm of disparity.
Now cruelty thrives, lies dead humanity,
Love and empathy struggle to survive,
In the polluted air selfishness  thrives.
Human values have died and morality cries.


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