My Creed

My Creed

It doesn’t interest me
How fat your wallet is
Or what junker you drive
I surely want to know
If they enhance your life
And that of others too.

It doesn’t interest me
Which school you attended
Or what degrees you earned
But I am keen to know
Whether they were able
To teach you compassion.

It doesn’t interest me
Which countries you traveled
Or with whom you shook hands
What I’m eager to know
Is whether you’ve made friends
And memories to keep.

It doesn’t interest me
How many accolades
Or awards you have won
I am longing to know
If they make your eyes glow
When none know about them.

I deeply want to know
How you regard others
Who are different, or
Who are no use to you
If you see their value
Beyond race or species.

I truly care to know
Which face you wear each day
All I am concerned is
If the self you project
Or the story you tell
Is no lie, but real.

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