My Few Questions

My Few Questions

I still remember when I saw the ghost movie for the first time. The name of that movie was Thirteen Ghost , after seeing this movie I went to my mother in fear.

My mother said ,”what happened Nikita, why are you so scared?” Then I told everything to my mother and she told that “all these people act.” then I said “do ghost also act.” my mother said ,”no Nikita, all these people have made their face scary by doing scary makeup and also wore scary clothes” then I said ,”mummy can you do my face scary like a ghost.” my mother said ,” Not now, I don’t have enough time to do your ghost makeup , so I’ll do it tomorrow.” I said “okay!”

Next day, I told to my mother ,“mummy, now do my ghost makeup.” My mother said ,“I will do it tomorrow.” Then I got angry and came to my room and slept and when I woke up my mother said, “wash your hands and eat something.” As soon as I saw my face in the mirror I shouted very loudly , my mother said ,“what happened why are you screaming so much.” Then I told to my mother ,“mummy, my face has become very scary.”  My mother said that ,“I make your face like a ghost.” I said ,“but when did you made my face like a ghost.” My mother said ,“ While you were sleeping, now wash your face and eat something If your father sees you, you will get scolded.”  Then I washed my face and as soon as I sat down to eat then, a question arose in my mind. 

 First I asked to my mother that question she said ,“ No there are no ghosts in real.” Then I asked to my friends they said ,“yes, ghost are there in real.” Then I started thinking that there my mother had said that there are no ghosts  in real and here my friends are saying that there are ghosts in real. Again, I started thinking ,“what is the answer of this question.” 

Next day, when I was playing with my friends Then my elder  brother Nitin said to me, “mummy is calling you” I said “for what?” then my small brother Mayank  told “Mummy has invited you to worship Ganesha” I said , “okay! , just coming”

After Pooja, suddenly a question came in my mind that question was “Is there a God in real?” If yes has anyone seen them. I asked to my mother she said ,“yes, but I haven’t seen them. My mother also told me that ,“God comes in some form or the other, Like if God wants to help someone then God takes some form” I said god are there in real but ghost are not in real” my mother said, “yes” I started thinking in my mind that maybe there are ghosts in real, mummy didn’t say that because I would be scared. 

When I came to my grandmother’s house to spend my summer school holidays, I saw that some cows looking very healthy and some cows looking very hungry. I asked to my mother my mother said,“ Of these, the cow which gives milk, takes care of it and the cow which does not gives milk, sells them after a few days. I said, “sell but why?” my mother said , “because that cow is not for us. I said, “And what do the people who take these cows do to these cows?” my mother said, “Then they kill these cows and use their skin.”  I said, “But we consider cow as cow mother then it is like that we are killing our mother.” My mother said “ yes, but what we can do if we will say them anything, they will shout , leave it let them whatever they want to do ” then I said , “no mummy,  But this injustice is happening to the cow” my mother said, “but what we can do ,leave it now. Then I did not talk to my mother about it Because she can’t understand what I want to say.

Then I found a girl who thought just like me, she too did not like all that injustice was done to animals. The girl told that some butchers came and front of her kept her cow hungry for three days and after three days her cow died and the butcher took the cow’s skin. I said then , “why you haven’t stopped them.” She said “I  stopped  them but they are not listening at all.” I said that are you with me to stop this (stop killing animals ) she said yes  . we both said very loudly “stop killing animals for there skin , etc.  

Are you all with us to stop this?


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3 thoughts on “My Few Questions

  1. Dear Nikita,

    These questions are so important, and glad you asked them, through a brilliant story!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Keep shining, and writing.

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