My Friend

My Friend

She lived next door; her smile and always caring attitude drifted me towards her. Our daily routine of the meeting on the bus stop for catching our school bus, playing hopscotch, hiding behind the trees, and then giggling after we seek was the lovely childhood pleasure, which is still fresh in my memory. 

My heart covets for such beautiful moments, though she was elder than me, the way she treated me with all her lovely gestures made me her biggest admirer. Our parents were close friends, so planning for short trips and excursions on weekends was common. I adored her in her pink lacy frocks with big multicolor clips. She used to bring my favorite cheese sandwiches along with Choco cupcakes. 

When my mother scolded me, with my teary eyes running to her and rescuing myself by her warm hug was the only solution that cheered me. Her generosity and the lessons for life that she taught me always embraced my soul. I called her Didi, for her I was, her, Guddu. Her warm hugs, affection, and her inspiring words for me in all the situations helped me to move ahead in my life.

On festivals like Diwali, making sweets and various dainties with her was of great fun, playing with colors and splashing each other with streams of water on Holi was our favorite game. Twinning with her on such occasions, wearing matching dupattas and colorful bangles, made me more affectionate towards her.

I remember the day when I cried and felt depressed as my lovely didi, to whom I was attached, left for higher studies to some distant location. I did not come to wave goodbye to her because my heart ached, I could not see her going away from me. Although she called my name and wanted to give her one more or maybe last warm hug, my mother insisted me to come outside but, peeping through the broken glass window of my bedroom was the only ecstasy that healed me from the pain of her leaving. 

However, every weekend she called me on my landline number, sometimes I avoided and, sometimes I craved for the sweet talks that eluded me in her beautiful dreams. I eagerly waited for her letters. Her letters also charmed me with her pleasing and caring qualities. 

She came back almost after six months, looked mesmerizing in her floral-print Kurti and faded jeans. We hugged each other, cried, and welcomed me with her warm touch, gave the same special cupcake which I yearned. 

She was happy in her new world, but for me, she was the same lovely Didi. The whole evening passed by with our chit chat and gossips. She shared with me her love life and falling for someone. I could see the shine in her eyes and the serenity in her posture when she talked about her partner. 

Though we are two different bodies, our soul is one, which makes our bond special.


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