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My dearest Baba,

Do you remember that ad, ‘My Daddy’s strongest’? Every time I saw that ad, I thought of you. It is one of the earliest memories I have of you. I also remember how you were my Google. I could ask you anything. You always had an answer; be it English because of your terrific command over the language – words, idioms, phrases and its various idiosyncrasies, be it Geography or History or even current affairs because you read voraciously and eclectically, from current affairs to ancient Indian political and social system and even sports trivia. I used to love asking you questions and I know you enjoyed answering them. This love for reading you passed on to me.

A new dimension was added to our relationship once I became a parent. I was now in your shoes. I marvel at how you disciplined me with just one look, I can’t manage that with my twins. It was during this time that you had the semi-paralytic attack. It affected your walk, speech, word recall. But it was during your recovery that you showed me what a fighter you were. What an optimistic outlook you had towards life. Today as I write this letter, I am reminded of all that and am inspired by it.

The last year of your life, you were a happy, healthy contented man; your life was filled with happiness, grandchildren and mangoes.  

A poem for you….

In our hearts and memories, you will stay,
Breathe and live through us, you will every day.
So, your life and liveliness we will celebrate,
And mourn not your death and this sad fate.
Go in peace Baba to your heavenly abode,
To my fantastic father, this is my humble ode.

I love you.

– Shweta
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