My Heart Is At War With My Brain

My Heart Is At War With My Brain

You breathed life into my soul,
A soul that was unaware of its own demise.
You came back for no reason,
On the backdrop of a rainy night.

I’m that answer to your prayers,
Where you asked God for me.
Give her back if she’s unhappy,
If happy she is then let her be.

It didn’t take Him any longer,
For he had all the clues.
He was the sole witness,
To my plights and blues.

I wouldn’t exaggerate if I say,
That we are poles apart.
I’m an aimlessly meandering ship,
Your anchor has held me moored up fast.

I’m the poet, you are my poem,
I’m the romantic, you are my reason.
I’m the fiction, and you propound facts.
You are all logical and me delirious acts.

I never longed for passion,
Till I experienced it with you.
The prelude that leads to the credo,
Is as mystifying as you.

You share my share of love,
This thought I can’t bear.
But I’ll have to accept it,
Or I’ll lose you I fear.

Devotion doesn’t come closer,
Worship is what I do.
Love is but an overused word,
For emotions that feel for you.

I know this road may never lead to you,
But my heart still took that right turn.
This turn is right but not right for you,
My brain countered in return.

They are at war my heart and my brain,
‘Stop being so naïve’ my brain says all sane.
I want my ailing heart to win for once,
For this is going to be its last chance.

Whichever way I choose to take,
I head toward disintegration.
One way I lose the only man I ever loved,
Other way I accept my own devastation. 
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