My Heart’s Calling

My Heart’s Calling

Seema switched on the washing machine and started packing lunch before going for a shower. The buzzer went off just as she got ready for work. She instructed her teenage daughter to hang the clothes to dry before leaving for college. “Don’t forget to take your lunch, you’ve been eating out a lot these days.” Her daughter Navya wished her a good day and bolted the door as she left.

Seema lived alone with her daughter Navya as her husband, Suresh, worked at another city.

Navya was on the phone when Seema came home in the evening. She opened the door and moved to her room giving Seema a look which meant that she isn’t supposed to be disturbed. Seema threw her bag on the sofa and hurriedly went to bring the clothes inside as it looked like it might rain. At dinner too, they hardly spoke and Navya went straight to her room afterwards. 

Navya’s growing inclination towards solitude worried Seema but she never tried to reason with her as she knew what was bothering her. She wanted to study fashion designing and start her own boutique someday but her father had brushed her aspirations as naïve and expected her to study for a respectable corporate job. And Seema hadn’t known any better. 

“Navya is unhappy. Suresh has been too harsh with her. I wonder how he claims to know the best for everyone even when he hardly communicates with us,” she thought. 

Observing her thoughts, she realized that she was being drawn into a negative spiral. A lot of pent up issues and frustration had crept in her mind as she never got down to addressing them and since Suresh was hardly there, somewhere she had started blaming it all on him. She decided it was time she did something about it.

The next morning Seema told Navya to get ready to go shopping for clothes. She knew this was the best strategy to open her up; Navya was always excited about clothes. Infact, Seema was always amazed by how good she was at putting clothes together. She was the unofficial fashion advisor for the family. After doing the rounds of a dozen shops they relaxed in the comfy sofa of a famous coffee shop. 

Navya was beaming with joy. Seema sensed the right moment. 

“Navya, are you really serious about studying Fashion Design?”

Navya was taken aback. “As if you don’t know, mom? What is the point asking now when you chose to stay silent then?” She quipped.

“I know an institute that offers a one year weekend program. You can take up this course alongwith your graduation.” Seema spoke with composure.

“This is not the right time, Mom. You know Papa won’t…”

Seema interrupted her, “It is my responsibility to make him understand. You don’t need to worry. If you have dreams, now is the time to make them come true.”

As Navya smile returned back, they hugged and a great burden lifted off Seema’s heart.
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