My Hero

You’re my dad and I love you,
You’re a person too good to be true.
We have our ups and we have our downs,
But when it comes to me, you’re always around.

You’re my hero, you’ve always been,
You show me wonders I couldn’t have seen.
You tell me stories about this great world,
And assure me that I’ll always be your little girl.

You’re my role model, I look up to you,
I admire you for everything you do.
Where you live isn’t your home,
Your home is in us, you’re not alone.

You act all tough but you’re a softie inside,
Being sensitive is what you try to hide.
But as your daughter I can see right through,
I’ll always love you as long as you do you!

I adore you dad and I might not show,
But you’re my superman, I hope you know.
I always need you to stay by my side,
To comfort and assure me that things will be alright.

So here’s to you dad and your amazing spark,
You will always leave quite a mark.
I will always have big shoes to fill,
But know this, I’ll love you still!
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Rishika Thakur

Rishika Thakur is a typical teenager who loves to dabble in poetry and short story writing. She loves animals and enjoys travel. Her foray into writing has been recent but she has won a few competitions & challenges. Her award winning short story shall soon be published on the “Beyond the Box” online magazine. She hopes to continue writing and be a journalist some day.
Rishika Thakur

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