My Journey to the Himalayas

My Journey to the Himalayas

Geography is not one of my favorite subjects, but there is one thing that always attracts me, and that is the great-great Himalayas.

Every day, I dream, will I ever have the adventure to go there at least once?

One evening, as I was sitting in my room looking at the pictures of the Himalayas, I saw a sign in one of the pictures. 

‘Help! Please come. We need you.’

I felt as if it was calling me. The very next moment, I was in the Himalayas.

When I looked around, the place seemed familiar, as if I already knew this place. Yes! I knew it. It was the home of Yeti from Small Foot.

I was so happy to meet Migo, Meechi, and all the other Yeti friends. When they took me to the Stone Keeper’s palace, I was surprised to see Queen Elsa.

She looked worried, and when I asked, she told me that Arendale was in danger. Magical zombies have taken over her kingdom, and to break their magic, she needs my help to find something lost in the deep ocean.

I had to find the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ hidden deep in the waters since the Titanic sank in 1912. Only the diamond has the power to burn the zombies and save Arendale.

Meechi offered to accompany me. First, we went to the library to figure out the coordinates, and then with the help of Migo and other Yeti friends, we built a boat together to sail across the ocean. 

When we reached the Atlantic Ocean, a fish jumped out of the water and made a big splash. I followed her and saw something sparkling at the bottom. 

“I found it, Meechi!” I shouted.

But wait! The diamond was with Tamatoa, the crab monster. 

I asked Meechi if she could swim. She said she never got a chance to swim in the Himalayas, but she has read all about it and will try.  

As we were thinking about a plan to distract Tamatoa, I thought about how Moana had tricked Tamatoa to get the Maui’s fishhook. I told the whole story to Meechi, and we made a plan that Meechi would distract Tamatoa, and I will quickly get the diamond. 

Tamatoa was so surprised to see a Yeti in the ocean that I got a chance to take the necklace with the diamond. We thanked our fish friend and started our journey back to the Himalayas. 

When we reached back, I gave Elsa the necklace with the diamond. With her magical powers, Elsa attached the diamond at the top of a magic wand. She told me to say something. After I repeated the word ‘pilana’, a portal appeared in front of us. Elsa and I went into the portal and now we were in Elsa’s ice castle. 

She said that we need to turn into zombies. 

Why? I asked. 

With a smile, she replied that she had a potion that would make us look like a zombie, and then we could trick the zombies and enter Arendale to use our magic wand and burn the zombies.

We drank the potion. I was a zombie with another zombie next to me. 

Elsa? I asked. Yes! it’s me, she replied. 

Then we used the magic wand with the diamond to burn the zombies to release Anna and the whole kingdom of Arendale. The zombies were gone forever.

I said goodbye to everyone, and with a huge leap, I was back in my room. 

Everything is the same, but I still have the wand, and now Geography is my favorite subject.
Animated Characters in the story:
Migo, Meechi: Yeti Characters (Movie: Small Foot)
The Stone Keeper: Leader of Yetis ( Movie : Small Foot)
Elsa : Queen of Arendale ( Movie : Frozen)
Tamatoa : Crab Monster who loves to collect jewels ( Movie : Moana)


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4 thoughts on “My Journey to the Himalayas

  1. Such a great imagination and articulation. Kept the curiosity alive till the end. Way to go Aarohi!!

  2. Awesome imagination and expressions Aarohi!!!It is really amazing and incredible articulation at this age!! Wish you all the very best! Keep writing!👏👏👏

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