MY LAST HOLIDAY!!Resurrection of Annabelle

MY LAST HOLIDAY!!Resurrection of Annabelle

It has been 4 years. 4 years since I have seen my mum and it has been 4 years since I have been outside of my home town, 4 years since our mum left us. Oh! How vividly I remember that fateful day. I came in skipping home as I usually do as the suns lowers by the sun set. Our mum was sick since she heard the dejected that her mum died in a car crash while going home. Just then our dad inch meal down the creaky stairs  in a sombre mood to tell us the devastating news that our mum died. This hit like a bullet to me as tear rolled down my eyes as they raced to my scarlet-red cheek. First it was my friend then my grandma now my mum. The weight of sorrow started to top my back.

I think my dad realised  this after 4 years and he decided it was best to go on a holiday to his favourite detonation, Dubai. He went there on a business trip and let me tell you there has not been a country that he has been to attached  to like Dubai. It was like he was a magnet and Dubai was a fridge. He wouldn’t stop talking about it. He would keep on ravelling on about he wishes to live there and how much better it was there than here .But my mum would not hear it and she and dad would argue for ages and it would usually end with dad coming out slamming the door and storming out of the house. Even with the tensions I am surprised that they didn’t split ways. I always dreaded that from happening and I think that is partly the reason why they never split up.

Oh and also I also I forgot to tell you the tragic story of my best friend Annabelle. It was her 13th  birthday . So me and my dad went to the shop to buy her a toy. In a dusty corner  there was a ragged old doll who had 13 fingers and as it was Annabelle’s 13th birthday I though it would be perfect. Creepily the shop keeper said as we left the shop,

“ Don’t keep it near your bed.”

What does that mean I pondered on the way to Innabelle’s house and then came to a conclusion. It must have been a joke to scare me or something like that. At the party we were making jokes about what the shop-keeper said as laughter filled our lungs. However I kept in mind what the shop keeper said so I told Innabelle  but she just guffawed and said I was stupid and that she will sleep with it and call her tomorrow to say that she was alive. Then the next day the unexpected happened…            

Innabelle  was found dead on her bed with the doll next to her with 14 fingers not 13. Back to the holiday my sister wanted to come so she packed her bag with her toys in there and clothes suited for Dubai. I think my dad hoped that Dubai would help me get my priorities straight  and have some fun as I was lacking these qualities . All I was doing lately was locking myself in my room and mewl for hours until my dad said it is enough and told me to come down where I gave him a hug and soften me with a kiss.

After checking in and security checks we waited for the flight  my dad realised that Sara, my sister, started to get a temperature but my dad thought it was because  she was scared of flying .

Sadly on the flight she had a seizer and died on the flight despite all the help and treatment and my dad and I were broken apart and distraught. I tried to not show my sadness but tear started to bomb through my eyes as I bawled silently.

By the time  we went to our hotel my dress was soaked in tears and my dad was distressed with the sudden drama. It was all too quick and sudden as tears incessantly  drooped from his peach cheeks and his blood-shot eyes as he collapsed onto the bed and shut off like a phone. He wouldn’t eat or talk or even sleep he would just lay down  on the bed and contemplate on what just happened. We would often weep on what had happened.

We had no answers to what had just happened we were all fine a few months ago and now our family is collapsing. I t was sadder than Remembrance day,It was too quick and we could not comprehend. Then I opened everyone’s suitcase as my dad said it was best to take our mind of our loses but before that he said he wanted to show me the wonders of Dubai as at least we could do something else more joyous.

First we went to the  Burj Khalifa renowned as the tallest building in the world. We had a lot  fun we ate a lot of food but what stood out to me the most was the buffalo wings that stood out the most. The crispy texture added extra taste and it malnourished my mouth and wiped all my worries away.

Afterwards we went to salt bae for dinner where we had one of our best experience of my life as the famous iconic gesture of salt bae took place right In front of me.

Then at half past eleven me and my dad took a taxi and then after paying I think I saw the persons head turning 180 degrees but I was too tired to sleep.

 Then My eyes saw a doll on the ground but I thought my eyes were playing trick on my mind so I just ignored it and went to my room

Then in my room there was a silhouette of what looked like to be a a doll but I was too tired so I slept. However during my sleep I heard disturbing noises  in my sleep. There were screeching screams and noises. To my horror my Dads head was cut off and next to it was the same doll I gave to Innabelle now it has 16 fingers each for each person it killed. My brain was in a frantic my heartbeat was so loud that you would think they were speakers. The doll came closer and closer ’till… It was all all over my body was cut into pieces and it was stuffed with cotton blood was drooling and within a moment my body stopped I was dead. But I felt alive like I could feel the air and  that I could smell the rot of my body that was in front of me.


Then there was a voice in my head that said:


Just at that moment the door creaked open when a girl called Annabelle entered…

That is how Annabelle came.
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