My Little Munchkin

My Little Munchkin

A chilly day, my regular route
I caught a glimpse of that familiar look.
A twinkle in my eye!
Did my eyes moisten?

Was that my little Munchkin I promised to nurture,
Crossed my path with a cold look.
The days flashed by;
Reminiscent of early years.

Was it a thrifty neglect?
Was being a provider so important?
My little Munchkin drifted away
Never to look back for warmth or love.

The years gone by, flashes many winters
Longing to bask besides my little wonder.
Wish those paths had never crossed.
The cold looks pierced my heart.

I now hope the forthcoming springs may melt the ice.
And pray that my little Munchkin, I promised to nurture
Crosses my path with a warm smile.
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