My Love for You

My Love for You

The feeling that bubbles in my heart,
The smile that plays on my lips,
The shine that glitters in my eyes,
The warmth that I feel,
The ecstacy that surrounds me,
When you come in sight,
is my love that you’re unaware of.
You don’t know me,
If you do, you ignore me,
I try to reach you,
Send messages to you,
But you don’t pay attention,
I smile, that’s my love for you.
You’re far away,
I cannot see you,
I miss you,
Tears form in my eyes,
I can’t call you mine,
All I have is just a picture,
A picture of you,
That’s my love for you.
When I see the smile playing on your lips,
I feel a strong urge to hug you,
To embrace you in my arms,
To caress your back with my small hands,
To kiss those luscious, soft lips of yours,
To hide my face in your broad chest,
So that I’m safe from the harsh world,
I feel like giving up every thing I own,
To just make you mine,
That’s my love for you.
But! You’re not mine.
You’re unaware of my existence,
You’re unaware of the feelings I hold in my heart.
I dream of making love to you,
And alas! The dream breaks.
I’m far away from you,
Yet I can call you mine,

In those dreams,
Where you exist,
Where I can love you with all my heart.
Yeah! That’s my love for you,
And I love you!

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