My Musings

A dream,
I have forever nurtured,
To breathe in the uncontaminated air,
Without any anxiety, apprehension, stress or fear,
My musing!

A dream,
I have perpetually woven,
To build such a kind of society,
Free from the immoral behaviour or people sleazy,
My musing!

A dream,
I have continually envisaged,
To change the mindset of people,
What makes them think a girl is feeble?
My musing!

A dream,
I have incessantly wondered,
Why consider women a mere object?
Doesn’t the bearer of a new life deserve respect?
My musing!

A dream,
I have endlessly pictured,
To make my life beautiful and worth,
Spread all around love, sunshine, cheerfulness and mirth,
My musing!

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  1. Shalini Keswani


    The poem has great imagery but falls short on technicality of syllable count. None of the stanzas have followed the 2-4-6-8-2 pattern for cinquain. Overall a beautiful, inspiring read.

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