My Pride – My Black and Beautiful

My Pride – My Black and Beautiful

You were nourished and cherished since childhood,
As my prized possession I could boast of.
High praises and compliments showered on you,
Made my heart smile and eyes twinkle.
My granny used to adorn you with love,
And her priceless charms, you fortunate!
You played the cupid, I met my partner,
My first love, you black and beautiful.
Family loathed even a sight of you,
Your presence near food would leave them hungry.
I decided to abandon you for them,
But He, the almighty had other plans.
Someone said “Until death do us apart”.
The chemo laid its ugly hands on you.
Life ends, love doesn’t, it takes its own path.
Some little fighter will proudly have you.
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One thought on “My Pride – My Black and Beautiful

  1. Loved the poem.. painful yet so touching… I loved the phrase “chemo laid it’s ugly hands”…

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