My Soul Companion

My Soul Companion

Sitting on the beach by the deep blue sea
Into the gleaming, orange horizon we see

The blue of the water, the white of the frothy wave
Rushing in, as if with a smile and a wave

I watch its confidence, its boundary does it toe
Then recedes with grace, its mark on my toe

I sigh, what bliss, this view that we watch
Lose myself in it, never glance at my watch

The wind in my hair, my mind buzzes like a bee
This is the happiest that I could ever be

Beside me she basks, her skin glowing in the light
In her presence, my heart feels peaceful and light

Holding her hand, my heart do I bare
She’s the only one to listen, to understand and bear

They walk past with pity, she’s lonely and blue they cite
The beauty of my solitude is lost to their sight.
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