My Star …Forever Shining

My Star …Forever Shining

Every night I search you in a star
Thousand times I wonder why you went so far
I sleep with my little window slightly ajar
Lest, you feel like coming down on a moonbeam bar

I go by the riverside and sit quietly
Remembering those fishing trips every weekly
Miss you in the garden among the butterflies and flowers
The fun I had drenching you in sprinkler showers

Nothing is the same , not even spring and fall 
I wish you were here to see me grow tall
I wonder now who will row me over a stormy tide
You were my mentor and pole star guide

Mummy and I wipe each other’s tears

I can sense she has many new fears
Your absence has made her look older than her years
Why does God take away our loved ones and dears ?

I want to rest on your shoulders and hug you tight

Always be with you and never let you out of sight
The memories are painful; in vain my tears I fight
Looking up at the sky ; see a star shining very bright . 

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