My Strength, My Motivation

My Strength, My Motivation

Dear Dad,

Time. Time is the destroyer of worlds, an impassive machine which does not wait and you have to be ready for it. Because it can strike anytime and when it leaves, there is only destruction. But everything has an equal and opposite and the opposite of destruction is creation. Thus, the opposite of the great destroyer, time is the great creator, love. And no love is stronger than the love I have for you, dad.

You are not only a loving person but you are also a great source of motivation. A person who is always ready for a good laugh, someone whose tolerance may be compared to that of the great Paramatma. But like any human, you have your failings. Such as your short temper, your habit to hit me and then justify yourself by saying you were making me tough. But what I like best about you is that you learn from every situation in control.

You also are a master of words twisting them to your will making even the rudest remarks seem like flattering comments and the words of people to your advantage. But at the end of the day, I can say only one thing: I love you.
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