My Tom and Jerry

My Tom and Jerry

I so love my kids
It is just not blue and pink
Their siblings love fights
Visionary exploring
Their love makes me elated

Two and four years old
He says Papa she chuckles
He loves toys she books
Rivals negotiating
Pious love so true and pure

He likes pink she blue
He plays with her kitchen set
Wink is so common
Understanding them is hard
She plays cricket and football

Sometimes they both laugh
Sometimes both cry together
One wakes up one sleeps
Share care give take laugh and cry
Siblings love nothing compared

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One thought on “My Tom and Jerry

  1. Hi Rashi.. the way your poem depicts the eternal bonding of sibling is commendable… only that I did not get the sentence”Wink is so common”…did you mean that with just a wink they understand each other… else loved the interchange of colors….great one

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