My Town of Innumerable Crimes

My Town of Innumerable Crimes

‘He watches over his dominion. No blade of grass nor grain of sand moves without His notice. If you smite your brother, your hand will smite you back. For He wills not violence but vengeance upon the wicked and victory for the innocents!’  

I was a preacher but the townsfolk heeded not my words and continued with their evil ways. Until one day, Heaven had enough. Retribution came home and unleashed hell upon Earth.

I was at the chapel. The congregation had reduced over the years until none came. But I found solace in the emptiness as it was the only haven in my town of innumerable crimes.

A breeze blew the chapel’s door wide open. Outside, ominous clouds were advancing, swallowing the sun, submerging the town in blackness. 

People rushed out. With eyebrows raised, they peered into the darkness and murmured. 

A colossus of a man, holding a staff with a skull on top, emerged from the gloom.  In his eyes were the fierceness of fire and frost. When his gaze fell on the townsfolk, their hearts froze in fear. He marched chanting, ‘Repent! Repent before the night has passed. The time to mend your wicked ways is now! For Tomorrow knows no mercy.’

The sinners laughed hearing the strange man speak stranger words. They followed him around, mocking him. He stopped at the town square and kept chanting. 

“Go away, madman!” they jeered.

A boy threw a bottle at him; he didn’t move a muscle.

A woman drew a gun and screamed, “Leave or die! The choice is yours.” She glanced at her watch and continued, “The time is now!”

The crowd hooted with laughter. 

The man stood silent, scanning the crowd. “Your arrogance knows no bounds. It will not abandon you even on your death bed.” He raised his staff and bought it down with a thundering force, making the earth quake. Then suddenly, he plunged through the unruly horde and vanished into the darkness from whence he came.

Afraid, I kneeled praying for forgiveness, for myself and my townspeople. I lay on my knees the whole night. Needless to say, the others didn’t bother but carried on with their vile ways.

At dawn, I stopped praying and walked out. I shall never forget what befell my eyes that morning. What the stranger warned had come to pass. My townsfolk were stripped of their wickedness. All paid for their sins in the most horrific of ways. I saw the hands of those who robbed for greed, erupting into flames. I witnessed the heads of those who killed for lust, severed like yellow leaves from a tree. I gazed on those who murdered for flesh, crawling limbless on the ground, bleeding to death. Not even children were spared.

I stood still aghast watching the harrowing scenes unfolding before me. When punishment had been meted out to all who deserved, a vortex of icy whirlwind came forth and swept away the corrupt inhabitants of my town of innumerable crimes. 

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