My Trip to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

My Trip to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

One day I was dreaming myself in Mickey mouse club house. I was so thrilled to see Mickey and Minnie mouse waiting in the Club house entrance to receive me with a flower bouquet and a delicious Mickey toffee.

I entered Mickey mouse club house and amazed to see the colourful interiors with red, yellow, green and white colours. Mickey gave me a club house tour starting from the living room till the roof top. I started playing with Mickey and Minnie and I told I wanted to go for a ride in the hot air balloon. Mickey mouse took me to the top of the Club house and we boarded the hot air balloon. 

While riding in the hot air balloon I saw Donald duck having trouble in his car. We immediately pulled the hot air balloon down and I started to check on the car problem and realized the water is not there in the radiator. I immediately filled it with water and asked Donald to start the car and check if its starting. Donald went inside the car and started the car and it started. Donald thanked me for the favour as he is driving back his home to see his family. He was very happy and started to drive and we took the hot air balloon continued with our trip. 

Once again in the hot air balloon I enjoy the Mickey land scenic views with mountains, rivers, waterfalls and beautiful garden. Later I asked Minnie to take me to her shop and teach how to make bows. We stopped in the shop and Minnie gave me my favourite pink colour ribbon to make a bow. She taught me how to do it with her help I made the bow. Minnie took me to her mirror and tied the bow in my head and told that I really looked beautiful. 

Once again, we started our trip in the hot air balloon and visited Clarabelle cow pastry shop. I saw colourful caked baked by her. I saw black forest, white forest, red velvet, lava cakes. It looked so delicious. She also baked Mickey cookies. As she had many pastries it was hard for me to decide which cake to eat. Later Clarabelle cow gave me Mickey special cake which she just baked to everyone. I enjoyed eating the cake along with Mickey and Minnie. 

 With that I completed my trip in hot air balloon and asked Mickey to take me to Disney land tomorrow so that I can ride roller coaster, big Ferris wheel, Merry go round, etc… mickey said ‘Yes, I will take you to Disney land tomorrow’. 

Next day morning I got up and had my breakfast in club house. Myself with Mickey and Minnie went to Disney Disneyland.  As a first ride I went with Donald duck to bumper rid, I bumped into Donald duck, micky and Minnie bumper car. Next, I went to merry go round where I sat in a horse, Mickey and Minnie sat in a swing and Donald duck sat in the carriage. We all enjoyed the merry go round. I went to roller coaster but the funny part is Donald duck was scared to get into the roller coaster’s seat. We all pushed Donald duck to get in and we all enjoyed the roller coaster. End of roller coaster ride Donald was still scared. 

Disneyland without Ferris-wheel is incomplete so I was very excited to get to big Ferris wheel there was two squirrel who was Donald duck’s friend joined me. we all enjoyed to see the top view of the Disneyland. Later went inside Disney castle and played all the games. we took our pictures during the roller coaster ride which will add to all our memories. 

Suddenly a bright sunshine flashed my face and later realized My trip to mickey mouse club house and Disneyland was a great adventurous dream.  

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