My Winter Song

My Winter Song

The sun goes up
And the world goes warm
Your glorious smile
That has me charmed
I dream of it and think of thee, forgetting 
How cold, the world can be!

I hold my breath and catch your scent
And say all words, that I always meant
She is gone, someone whispers back
Yet I hold you, close to me
I say your name and kiss your lips
Almost reverentially

Deep down, the untrodden paths
Where you walk with me
I look back, every few minutes
And you laugh out, raucously
‘You are crazy’, you shout back
And I agree, sheepishly
Ah love! my love, am still here
Waiting for your voice
To walk back with me

But the winter dawns
And my heart grows cold
And in the noise, that the world grows old
Darling, I miss our symphony
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