My Wonder-Man

My Wonder-Man

Dear Papa,

Mumma told me to write my feelings for you. I think it’s too early but for Mumma’s sake I am penning down some of my thoughts for you.

You are one wonder-man who brings a bouquet of joy, happiness and life to our otherwise mundane life,

You are one who tries to keep everyone happy; be it your kids, mom or wife.

Maybe you are not able to spend much time with me and Soham because of your busy routine, but still, with you, it’s quality of time that matters not the quantity!

The rapport we share is different; the way you fight with mumma to buy me subway cookies or chocolate pastries just bowls me over.  I love to hang out but if it’s with you. The way you pamper us, we both feel special. You know what, mumma feels jealous that we love you more than her though she spends more time with us (hehe).

I wish we spend more time together and build more memories that I may cherish for years to come. 

I just want to say few things to you, dad, on this special day: don’t fight with mumma too often that too in front of us. Also, if you can teach us at least twice a day, we will bond even better.  

To protect me, you stand like a tower,
With you around, I feel I have X power.
Thank you pop for doing so much,
You are blessed with a healing touch.

I love you papa( you know that)

Your Nanha

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