Nasty Bites

Nasty Bites

The aroma that floated into the room was irresistible. The mixed flavour of mild spices infused itself into the savouries spread at the other end of the dining table. Jitesh’s taste buds could no longer wait for the host to announce dinner. His colleagues always teased him that he could sniff food miles away. It was a compliment. Not many had a keen sense of smell or taste.

His colleagues were busy refilling their empty goblets.

“They are like drunken fish. Never feel enough. They would end up at the gates of Hell if offered free drinks…” He muttered under his breath. 

“It is more than an hour since the party started, but for a few starters nothing much interesting has happened on the food front.” Jitesh’s eyed the tantalizing array of dishes. 

He remembered his science teacher’s precious words, “Our senses are at work the moment we hear or see food. First, the eyes feast on the food, then the smell infiltrates your nose, the sense of touch is at work when your fingers linger on the food and then the taste buds which savour the delicious food. It is difficult to say which sense is more prominently involved in the whole process of eating….”

He sauntered towards the dining table just to breathe in the tantalising aroma of food. Suddenly he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder.  Glancing back, he saw a stranger smiling at him. 

“Do I know you?” Jitesh was cheesed off for this unwanted interruption.

The stranger turned him around and said, “How does it matter? Keep smiling and let not anyone know that you are shocked on hearing what I am going to say to you.” He sounded vile and authoritative. 

He switched on his mobile as he continued to talk with the stranger. 

“But … Wh…?”

“Just listen to me and do as I say or else…” His tone turned threatening. Jitesh shuddered at the stern look of the stranger.

“You are a taster, right? The CM is here and he relishes desserts. It is a known fact that he tastes dessert before meals. You must pretend that the dessert is safe to eat.”

Jitesh was shocked as the stranger revealed his plan.

“But … I am not….”

“Do as I say or else your daughter…”

“Mistaken identity?! I am a foodie and not a taster.”

The sound of heavy footsteps followed by “Arrest him…” echoed in the music-filled hall.

The sudden entry of the police left the place in chaos. People started running helter-skelter. 

The inspector addressed the gathering, “, MD sir, Ladies, and gentlemen let us congratulate Jitesh Ji for his timely and thoughtful action. Had he not switched on his mobile and let his colleague know about the intruder, there would have been a mishap. Our CM is fortunate that this intruder entered the wrong building. Thank you, Jitesh Ji.”

 Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Jitesh’s senses had stopped responding to the aroma of food.


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