Nature’s Symphony

Nature’s Symphony

Every time I look up to the skies, 
The yonder blues glare back at me!
My eyes fill with wonder and awe!
I ask myself ……..
What lies beyond those Heavens that be?
Where did the fluffy crowns go?
Who put the blink in the stars up there?
Who let the Moon dangle there all night?
I don’t know …….!!!

Every time I look at the expanse of sea 
My mind is filled with peace and calm.
Seeing the waves and ripples dance 
I ask myself .. ..
Who told the waves to rise and fall?
Who made the stylish sea shells and silky sand?
Who put the pearl in the oyster’s shell?
Who put the salt in sea water?
I don’t know ……… !!!

Every time it rains and stops 
The Sun creeps up from the clouds!
An arch of vibrant colours stand guard 
To the gateways of the Heavens floors!!! 
I ask myself…. 
Who painted the sky so lovely?
Who splashed the colours so bright?
I don’t know …… !!! 

The Sun and Moon play hide and seek
Casting a spell of magic on the skies
Colours scattered around the horizons 
Giving a radiant glow on the coastline 
I ask myself …
Why is the Sun so bright?
Why does the Moon cause tides?
Why do they set and rise again!
I don’t know……. !!!

The rhythm of the Cosmos so pristine,
Sun, Moon, Stars, and Galaxies smile
The five elements blend to perform
A symphony of echoes of Nature 
I bow to thee in reverence supreme 


Shakuntala Kanakagiri
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