Nature’s Trail

A rocky path hiding a narrow trail,
Laden boughs in turn shading nature’s gems,
Concealing them from prying, gazing eyes,
The sounds of the birds amidst nature’s walk,
Creating music in the calm quiet,
Flora and fauna, mysteries abound,
The rustling of dead leaves beneath our feet,
Holding on to roots of majestic trees,
Berries, nuts, delights are seen everywhere,
The breeze, the clean air calming the tired soul,
Clouds that we can reach out, just at arm’s length,
Droplets from waterfalls tickling the brows,
Narrow streams cooling and grazing our feet,
Misty mountains clearly beckon and call,
Up to the top we trudge, in the wee hours,
Enjoying the miracle scene, childlike!


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Sheetal Ashpalia

With a teenage son and a full time job, writing is what Sheetal enjoys in her spare time apart from singing and reading. She firmly believes that “Something beautiful is about to happen”.

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