Nature’s Waltz

Nature’s Waltz

In the woods dark and deep
Rest the trees with bare limbs
The upshot of rain’s whims,
Anon, whispers of their loss took a leap
The trees wondered if, for them, the heavens will weep
As a lover ardent,
Will the raindrops descend to heal?
With intense zeal
And a soul prudent,
Restore their green
Like a mate ideal
Quench their thirst and bless with a life serene

When the sky heard their plea
Raindrops glided swiftly
Waltzed with the trees, deftly,

Like Courante dancers, they entwined in glee
Euphoric, the breeze played a thrilling potpourri
A rhythm of harmony,
The trees swayed with majestic grace
In rains embrace

Natures symphony,
In garbs of green
Like damsels ideal
The trees will bloom, to keep the earth serene.

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