Naughty Syllables

Naughty Syllables

Hey! Just stop there
You naughty syllables
Where do you think you are going?
Oh! Stay put in your place, that line is yours
No, no, no, don’t you run away
Have just arranged you so
Four, ten and back.

Know what I’ll do?
I will glue you in place
If that does not work then perhaps
I will stick you with a little scotch tape
Four and six, you better not squirm
Eight! I will lasso you
Tether with ten.

They laughed at me
Then with spritely steps
Uh! Helter and skelter they went
Gasping, sweating, I woke up with a jolt
Alas! Held my head in my hand
Realised, I had a
Sequin to write.

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