Needle and Thread

Needle and Thread

The needle tugging taut through thread
Piques curiosity to tread
As the thread of silk pools in spool
Emerges some wizardry cool
Tailoring love and troth.

Through the eensy-weensy needle
Eying the hole like an eagle
Bravura of thread, doyen’s mark
Seam gussets, gargantuan task
Unflagged for love and troth.

Plying with the thread, needle dance
Wedded forever in romance
Turning off-the-rack wardrobe in
Made-to-measure couture, hearts win
Entwined by love and troth.

Embracing duo, stitching tear
Soubresauting interlock near
Needle and thread, partners in crime
Woman’s arm, handy anytime
Sewed into love and troth.
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