Neha’s Sleepover

Neha’s Sleepover

“Neha, finish your dinner!,” shouted Mrs.Sharma as her only daughter climbed upstairs to her room in a fit of rage.

This had become an usual scene at the Sharmas since few months. Neha Sharma was their only child and a spoiled brat. Adding to it, she was a teenager who had her own set of rules. All her friends envied her for having parents like hers. Her parents pampered her and danced to her tune.

But the Sharmas were conservative folks and were now facing trouble from a new generation adolescent in their house.

Tonight the reason behind the mom-daughter fight was a sleepover. The Sharmas were totally against such insensible ideas.

“Mom, it’s just a matter of one night,” pleaded Neha as they sat down for dinner. Mr.Sharma was out on a business tour and today the decision was solely left on Mrs.Sharma.

“A no is a no, Neha darling. A lot can happen in a night’s time and I don’t want anything unpleasant to happen especially when Daddy is out of town,” explained Mrs. Sharma patiently.

“ C’mon mom, grow up! Look at Riya’s mom. She is so cool about these things. How I wish I could swap you with her!,” angrily she walked away from the table and headed straight to her bed.


“Neha, get up. Its already 7 in the morning.” Riya’s mom was at her bedside, waking her up.

“Mrs.Thomas, why are you here?” Where’s mom.”

“I am your mom now just as you wished.”

“What!!! Are you kidding me!,” puzzled, Neha rushed downstairs to the kitchen but couldn’t find her mom.

Mrs.Thomas was right behind her all dressed up and quickly handed a note to Neha.

Neha couldn’t believe her eyes. The note read the To- do list.

Wash the dishes.

Hang the clothes.

Clean the house.

Before she could say something, Mrs.Thomas headed outside and shouted “You can go for the sleepover tonight as I will be coming home only by tomorrow morning.” And, please order your food.”

Neha stood stupefied.

“I miss you, Mom. I now understand how lucky I was to have you. I will never exchange you for anything in this world! You are the best! Please come back. I will never go for a sleepover, I swear. Mrs.Thomas is so mean. Please save me, Mom. Neha cried helplessly.


Neha woke up to a sweet whisper. It was her darling mom with a cup of coffee.

She couldn’t contain the tears of joy as she saw her. Without a word, she hugged her tightly and said “Sorry, Mom. I love you!”

“I love you too, sweetheart.” Mrs.Sharma hugged her clueless of her child’s nightmare. A lot can happen in a night’s time, indeed!
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