Nine to the Power of Infinity

Nine to the Power of Infinity

Nine had a great significance in my life after I started working. A nine to five job, nine hours a day. How on days of my kid’s birthday or my anniversary, I was asked to work extra hours inadvertently. My wife never understood. And I never tried to explain to her to jeopardize the situation.

Coincidentally, I retired on the ninth month of the year. I had so many plans from traveling around the world in ninety days to performing adventure sports with my family. All my dreams shattered due to the pandemic.

But in these few months I learned the biggest lesson of life. Never underestimate the efforts of your household help and of course your wife. I detested going to the kitchen but courtesy lockdown I explored the arena and thought of impressing my wife. Better late than never. I told her from now on, you think about your retirement plans while I experiment with the condiments.

“Sharmaji, it’s already 9 O’clock. Where’s my tea?”, my wife broke my reverie.

I had never appreciated her household chores while I worked at the office.

“Give me five minutes, I am washing the utensils.”, I replied.

While I had fixed hours, my wife’s clock never stopped. Even if she was not feeling well, she had tirelessly fed us. Today, after nine days of practice, I finally attempted to prepare a sumptuous meal for her, courtesy lockdown.

“Not bad Daddy, nine out of ten from me.”

“Nine to the power of infinity! I cannot believe you remembered our anniversary!”, my wife chuckled and exclaimed.

I smiled back. The fact that I forgot our anniversary cannot be revealed. Let the ninth of October be peaceful this time. 


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