No One Killed…..Anyone

No One Killed…..Anyone


“What?? Did he just shoot her?” I heard cacophony all around me. There were random shrieks evoking horror, disgust, fear and dread. “Call the ambulance, now!” a shocked silence descended the dimly lit room. I tried peeping through the lattice of arms and heads in front of me. She lay there on the floor as blood oozed out fast from her stomach. 

A flurry of activity followed, a policeman surveyed the room and soon came near some of us. “So did you see what happened? Who killed her?” he asked menacingly. “No..No sir” “I was not in this room,” “It’s so dark in here, couldn’t see his face,” all around me everyone made up an excuse. 

“Havaldar, take these two with you! They look like they will speak the truth!” the policeman hauled us inside a jeep. We zipped down the streets with the siren blaring. I was already sweating, but my pal was calm. “How can you be so calm? We just saw a cold blooded murder, I..I feel so guilty,” I shook with fear and disgust.

“Guilty? For what? You didn’t pull the trigger,” he shifted a bit on his seat. “But I egged him on..didn’t I?” I tried to wipe out my sweat that was pouring now. “What the heck! This chit of a girl is denying you! You the son of a well known businessman, she is challenging you,” I remembered my words clearly.

BAMMMM…The bullet shot deafened me in an instant. “But..But I never told him to shoot her down. He did that on his own!” my defense sounded weak. “Hahaaha..Try telling that to the cops. I bet they have already named you in the chargesheet. No escaping the law this time, boss!” he whistled a tune now.

 “They got him! They got the gun too,” my friend whispered to me. I looked up and saw instructions getting exchanged rapidly over the walkie talkies. “I have decided to say the truth. He deserves to be punished,” I snarled. 

“Just shut up and sit tight. Your problem is you speak and get all of us into trouble. Its time for me to talk and get us all out!” he hissed and spoke to the officer in charge. Minutes ticked by and I watched from inside as he met all of them one by one. 

“Its done, you are free. See you never!” I could only gape as a policeman picked me up and tossed me into the nearby garbage bin. “There goes the evidence – a bottle with the fingerprints!” he walked away to his jeep. Two dogs licked up the remnants of the precious and expensive booze flowing out of me, while my green pal snuck inside the wallets of everyone around.

NO ONE KILLED…ANYONE……… The newspapers screamed the headlines the next day!

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