Nonetheless I Persisted

I have been loved, I have been lost.
I will still be me at any cost.

I have been shattered, I have been broken
I have shed a tear or two unspoken.

I have been hurt, I have cried.
But never have I ever lied.

I have been exploited, I have been used.
But to be disrespected is to what I refused.

I will look back once, and I will move on.
You were there once, now forever gone.

I will forgive but never forget.
I love my life, I never regret.

I will heal, I will regain.
I will rise, I will love yet again.

I have wished, I have prayed for long.
I have found the love where I truly belong.

I love him, He loves me.
We have “Shaarav”, now, you see.

I am a mother, I am a wife.
I am having the best time of my life.

I will grow, I will flourish.
I am making memories I will cherish.

I will live, I will persist.
I will continue to exist.


I have been loved, I have been lost.
I will still be me at any cost.


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Sweta Kachhap

Mrs. Sunshine is a stay-at-home mom with a doctoral degree in search of a new sky since motherhood gave her new wings to explore. She shares hearty expressions of her take on motherhood, parenting, relationships, and life in general by which she tries to give her readers a reason to smile, shed a tear, food for thought, and even offer genuine honest advice with a hope to keep them coming back for more.

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  1. Thank you so much for the love! šŸ˜Š

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