Now is the Time to Take a Stand

Now is the Time to Take a Stand

June 20, 2019

It all started during the conversation on a friend’s timeline where Courtney had commented on a post praising Mr. X and his position in the literary world. 

She had immense respect for him and the way he writes about the social issues. She even sent a friend request to him unaware of the trouble it will bring.

Next day she got texts from him.

Heard a lot of you
But never saw your pic

Though bit shocked, but then she thought he might have asked just to assure himself that her facebook id is not fake after all he is a celebrity in his field. She replied

There are many on my timeline.

After few minutes, she noticed a couple of notifications solely from him. He has liked all her pictures and posts, even those which none of her friends liked. She thought it might be because he wants to motivate her to write further.

June 23,2019

She again got a text from him.

I want to sing the duet of my life with you.

Now all her senses became active and she realised that this is not a type of professional conversation. He then called and without being a bit apologetic for bombarding her with lots of messages. He proposed Courtney and gave every minute detail about himself, his family, career et al without giving her a second to speak.

“Sir, you don’t even know anything about me and I have never thought about you from this angle. I respect you and that’s it.”

“See, I told you what I have in my mind. Now you should talk to your parents. I earn a handsome amount of money, what else do you need?”

She tried her best to ignore him completely but the frequency of his calls and messages increased exponentially with every passing day.

After tolerating much of his nonsense Courtney decided that now is the time to take a clarion call rather than thanking her logics and overthinking habit for saving her from falling into his trap of words.

June 29, 2019

She deleted his number, blocked him from her official network. Then informed her brother about this incident, he first applauded her for not falling for Mr.X’s honey coated words and told her to be more conscious. 

As he heard a lot of similar cases where man befriends a woman online then try their best to create an image in her eyes that they are head over heels in love with them and boost a lot about their social stature, money. Women usually take their words as authentic and end up getting caught in the vicious circle of harassment and blackmailing.

She made up her mind on bringing such predators in the limelight for what they actually are rather than what they portray themselves to the world. For she believed that it’s NOW or never to take a stand against such devils in society and hence began writing about it.

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