Now or Never

Now or Never

“It is a perfect vineyard located in the picturesque hillside.” The realtor, in his booming voice gave a captivating description of the place. Lucien and Delphine seemed to have found their dream vineyard sprawling over 15 hectares.

Excitedly they packed their bags to move into their new home and enterprise. ”Oh Lucien, This is simply mind blowing. I can’t believe we have a vineyard of our own.” Delphine was all charged up as she ran over her checklist for the kids making sure she had not missed out anything. Their dream of becoming winemakers would soon be realised.

The drive took them through many scenic spots. There were endless stretches of Lavender, a twelfth century church. The entire vista looked like straight out of a fairy tale. All along the way the couple had a nonstop chatter about their prospective enterprise.” We must take a survey of the area”. “I am sure we can make it a major tourist attraction”. A long cherished aspiration took them through a series of thoughts and images of their flourishing wine business.

They reached the vineyard in South France along with their toddler and a three month old infant. The enchanting pleasant journey filled with day dreaming ended with nasty jolt. The property was far from what the realtor had vividly described. The couple who arrived there with hopes and dreams were aghast at the sight of an old dilapidated farmhouse, 

The entire farm was mouse infested. A brief shower of rain made them aware of the leaking roof. As they entered the house they saw that it was a habitat for treacherous hordes of insects. Cobwebs hung from the ceiling with spiders hanging down like bats. The musty odour was unbearable.  

The vineyard was covered with weeds. The darkness and solitude of the place made Lucien and Delphine shiver with fright.

They wondered if they could ever turn it into an enterprise and make a living. But it had to be now or never.

But the couple soon overcame the initial setback. As they opened the doors and windows, the pain blew away. The nature that the house craved for entered- sunshine breath of fresh air and a faraway birdsong.

Lucien and Delphine remained undeterred by the sad scene. They set about transforming the beyond eccentric place into a prospective enterprise. Delphine fed the babies and put them to sleep. Together they spring cleaned the house. The warmth of the place was restored.

A survey of the town soon opened avenues for them. A horticulture institute was an angel in disguise. Apart from the required technological guidance and material assistance, they instilled a new faith in the couple.

The beyond eccentric place was transformed into a successful winery. Lucien and Delphine embarked on the biggest adventure and realised their long cherished dream.

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