Nuppu, the Rabbit

 Nuppu, the Rabbit

Long-standing buddies Mickey and Pluto got another friend, a cute soft rabbit. They selected a name, Napoleon for him. Mickey thought the name was somewhat high sounding. He consulted his trusted friend Pluto. Both of them agreed on the name Nuppu. Selecting this name, they both started dancing with joy. The rabbit too joined in the dancing. He started swaying his tender body. Pluto with his long tail wagging vigorously and Mickey clapping his paws was dancing. They got damn tired pretty soon and thus the three took some rest.

It was time for dinner. So the sincere Pluto brought dinner for everyone. Bread and porridge for Mickey and carrots for Nuppu. Pluto himself took bread and milk. After eating, they all went to bed. Nuppu slept in his basket, Pluto as usual on the sofa, and Mickey on his sprawling bed.

The three of them lived together in the cosy house. Mickey’s love for Nuppu increased day by day. Poor Pluto felt left out and at times he felt very sad.

The wise rabbit could sense Pluto’s agony. He knew he was getting too much of love and attention from Mickey. Pluto was doing all the household chores but was getting less attention from Mickey as he used to get earlier. He felt guilty as his presence had disturbed the friendship of two buddies. That night he couldn’t get sleep. He was thinking what he should do to bring back the smile on Pluto’s face.  

Next morning, while the other two were fast asleep, Nuppu started sweeping the floor with a broom. The small rabbit was unable to hold the broom properly. So several times it slipped from his hand. On the sound, Mickey woke up. He scolded Pluto. At this Nuppu got angry and protested vehemently. He said, as Pluto had been overloaded with household work, now it was his duty to help him out. From morning tea to evening meals, Pluto was preparing and serving. Again, there was a house cleaning and garden work. So, the rabbit shared the workload. He himself would look after the household chores and garden work and Pluto would do the kitchen work. Hearing all this from the little animal, Mickey felt ashamed. He could realize how rude and inconsiderate he had been to his buddy Pluto. At the same time, Pluto also got some solace from the words of Nuppu. Pluto was jealous and angry for the past few days. With the words of Nuppu, he could release the heaviness of his heart.

All is well that ends well. Work divided and the wrongdoer realizing his mistakes brought a good understanding among the three buddies. The three of them lived happily. We all have heard the story of a clever rabbit that could persuade a proud and mighty lion to go to a well and made him jump inside to meet his death. So ultimately wisdom wins, not the physical appearance.


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